The Island Pag, salt, olive groves and sheep-cheese

The island Pag is situated 50km away from Zadar and is connected with the mainland by a bridge.

The island is well-known by its salt pans, rock formations, old olive groves, delicious sheep-cheese, typical local lace, and very nice pebble and sand beaches.

Because of the heavy “Bura wind” the island is very poor in vegetation, which reminds us of a moonscape.

You can often see field boulder walls, built by farmers and shepherds, to protect the rare fertile soil against the heavy wind. On these places small aromatic plants grow, which are staple food of the sheep, and which give the famous special flavour to the sheep cheese.

The island is also well-known for its nightclubs, and is sometimes called “Croatian Ibiza”.


Also discover the Island Nin, a picturesque fishing town.


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