The island Ugljan, for bikers and hikers

Ugljan is located opposite Zadar and easily accessible by ferry boat. It’s an island full of small, cozy villages and fishing ports, with different beaches where you can enjoy a swim and a sunbath.

Preko is the capital of the island. The island has 7 more cities (villages): Lukoran, Sutomišćica, Poljana, Preko, Kali, Kukljica and Muline.

A three-kilometer climb from Preko takes you to the top of St. Michael Berg. At 265 meters, you have a fantastic view of the islands around Zadar and the Velebit Mountains.

Ideal island to explore quietly by bicycle or on foot.
And for the sportier mountain bikers the gravel roads are a true paradise.


Also discover the Island Pag, olive oil and sheep cheese


eiland Ugljan Sveti Mihovil
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