Croatian Wine

Croatian wine 

Croatia is a country with an abundance of natural beauties, natural parks and preserved areas. The Croatian vineyards are among these treasures, spreading from Slavonia in the east to the Dubrovnik region in the south. Croatian winemakers can proudly say that many Croatian wines are highly regarded in Europe and the world.  Nevertheless, Croatia is still a relatively unknown wine country. This is because Croatian wineries are small, and they don’t export their wines enough. 


Free e-book: Croatian wine, vineyards and wineries, Zadar region

If you want to enjoy the best Croatian wines, come and taste them in Croatia!

In this book, we will focus on the region of Dalmatia and, more specifically, on the area from Zadar to Šibenik. This region has a very fertile Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine hours.  Join us on a wine journey and discover the hard-working people, flavours, aroma, and emotions of Dalmatian vineyards and wines.


Discover in this book:

  • white and blue native Croatian grapes in the Zadar region
  • the best wineries in the region
  • the offer of this wineries
  • a description of each wine
  • the personal story of the winegrowers
  • our impression after the visit
  • contact address and location of the wineries
  • facts about Croatian wine
  • tips from a sommelier
  • tips from our guests
  • Pegi’s wine workshop
  • lots of pictures

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