About us and B&B Kuća Bajlo

Hello, I am Griet,

I was born in Gent (Belgium) 23rd September 1960 and raised in an environmentally conscious home.

After I graduated garden and landscape architecture, I also graduated florist and botanist.

My first holiday by plane was in 1983, direction Croatia, “Yugoslavia” at that time. I was 22.

During an evening walk along the seaside in Zadar, I met Anri.

Hello, I am Anri,

I was born in Zadar (Croatia) 26th May 1959 and raised at the seaside.

After my technical training electricity, I’ve had a job as electrician for a few years.

When I was 23, I met Griet, during an evening walk after a busy working day.

One year later, in the autumn of 1984, I travelled to Belgium and I stayed there!

griet en Anri op eiland Ugljan

About Anri & Griet,

We got married in Belgium in 1985.

We ‘ve lived and worked there together for more than 25 years.
Every year in summer we travelled to Zadar together with our two children, Jasmina and Marin.

These were marvelous family holidays, a happy reunion with Anri’s friends and family.
Then we both were 50, and the plan of moving to Zadar started to grow.

More and more tourists discovered the beauty of Croatia and in our mind the idea of starting a B&B was quickly made.

In 2011 we left for Croatia to start a new life there. Our children stayed in Belgium.

Kuća Bajlo or Home Bajlo

After the civil war in ex-Yugoslavia (1991-1995), everything was rebuilt and the country flourished on.

We also started to build our house on a beautiful piece of land nearby the sea, owned by the family.

During the construction work we still lived in Belgium. Anri’s parents supervised the construction very precisely.

Every week we received a detailed report by telephone about Kuća Bajlo or Home Bajlo.

Kuća is the Croatian word for house or home and Bajlo is Anri’s family name.

Due to our living in Belgium and because of the finances, the construction work took a few years.

In fact, we didn’t have the idea of running a B&B from the very beginning, so because of this there is less well thought

about the lay-out of the space in the house.

A few new alterations and adjustments have been done to the house in 2011, our first year together in Croatia.

The new garden was laid out. A vegetable garden should not be missed because we love growing our own vegetables.
A large herb garden was also indispensable, so we created one.

From that moment on, Kuća Bajlo or home Bajlo was ready to receive guests!

Kuća Bajlo, a vegetarian B&B

The time we lived in Belgium we’ve already chosen to use organic and nature-friendly products.
Obviously, this had to be the rule in our B&B.

Kuća Bajlo is a vegetarian B&B, because we are vegetarians ourselves and because we are convinced of the importance
of healthy diet.

No slice of meat for breakfast, but a nice, healthy and varied breakfast buffet.
A kind of breakfast even non-vegetarians can appreciate.

For more information read : Vegetarian breakfast and dinner

Kuća Bajlo’s guests

Most guests of Kuća Bajlo come from Belgium or The Netherlands, so they are Dutch-speaking.
But also people from England, Ireland, France, Germany, Sweden and other European countries find their way
to Kuća Bajlo.

Even Americans find Kuća Bajlo when they are in transit.

Our purpose is to make our guests’ holiday in Croatia as nice as possible. We want them to return home satisfied,
relaxed and full of beautiful memories. Personal approach is very important to us.

If possible, we accompany our guests on their walk in the mountains, on their cycling tour through the islands or

on their sailing trip to the Kornati Islands. And really, we are still surprised about how beautiful Croatia is.

We have loads of information for discovering Zadar and for exploring the marvelous surrounding.

We will be pleased to help you with the planning and the organization of your stay.

Our dream has come reality!

We are enormously proud of all those nice, sweet and enthusiastic comments our guests noted down in our guest-books,
on TripAdvisor and Zoover.


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Griet en Anri Bajlo

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