Nat Park Paklenica

National park Paklenica, an exceptionally beautiful nature reserve

Starigrad-Paklenica is situated 40 km north of Zadar, at the foot of the Velibit Mountains, the biggest Croatian mountain massif.

It’s an exceptionally beautiful nature reserve with unique plants and animals, breathtaking canyons and caves. The park is very popular with cavers and mountaineers, and much loved by walkers and herbal collectors.

For a sporty day, stepping in the mountain is a pleasant change from the sunny, but sometimes very busy coast up to the peacefulness of the mountain peaks.

Jeep safaris in the Velibit Mountains are organized from Starigrad. Our guide Marin Marasović takes you in his jeep to nearly unreachable places in unspoiled countryside, such as Tulove Grede and the river Zrmanja. He also shows you the film location of the legendary Winnetou-films.

Natural park Velebit, the biggest Croatian mountain massif

The nature park Velebit contains the biggest part of the Velibit mountain massif and the valley of the Karst River Zrmanja.It’s the biggest Croation mountain massif, 145km length.

In this nature park there are two protected natural parks: Paklenica and Northern Velibit.

In the park fauna and flora are exceptionally rich. More than 2700 plant species are registrated. Velibit is a nesting place for many bird species. Even endangered mammals, brown bear, wolf and lynx, still live there in the mountains.

The park can be traversed through lots of hiking trails. One can walk for days and stay the night in mountain huts. From the highest parts in the park the views on the Adriatic Sea and on the islands are magnificent.


Also discover the Modrić caves, the wonders of the underground

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